Why create the world’s best belts?

Andrew's outlook,

Andrew Howell creator of On Top  After 20+ years of working in the production industry I got tired of throwing away equipment advertised as “professional grade” or the “highest quality” due to the fact that it never stood up to the rigors of real actual use. This was especially true in all the belts I’ve used over the years. In my line of work I need a quality belt that will last and hold up to the rigors of production work. I’ve had several belts before; some with cheap plastic buckles which broke at the worst possible times and my last belt even included a Cobra buckle which was great but the belt itself failed. While the Cobra buckle was awesome and ended up being the inspiration for the creation of Scout1st line of belts, the hook and loop on the belt did not extend to the belt's end leaving the tail to curl over time. It became a nuisance and I eventually cut it off. Also, I wanted to be able to attach and detach my pouches without having to slide everything off the belt or carry a second belt. Early on in my career there were days which I would be gaffing and only wanted to carry my light meter while other days I was just working as a best boy electric and had no need for my meter or its pouch to be on my belt. These days my professional demands require me to carry my light meter daily but some days I’ll also add my color temp meter. I started experimenting with ways to attach and detach my pouches and came up with a cool idea....some people not in the know think we put the soft loop inside the entire perimeter of our belts for comfort. Although it does assist in comfort it's also there to serve the purpose to keep stuff where it’s needed.  

Andrew On Top Belt's   The solution I’ve been developing and will launch this fall is the TM "Arrow Attachment System". This custom designed hook and loop system will be stitched to every one of our OnTop accessories allowing you to quickly attach and detach any pouch at any time without having to take everything off your belt. Its design allows for a strong, secure, comfortable, yet temporary, attachment. There is an added benefit to the "Arrow" system as it makes our pouches stay put, right we're you attach them. On-set time is money and as a professional technician it was my goal to be on the spot with the correct tools at the right time, for me this is what proved successful and separated me from the amateurs. If I wanted the phone to ring with “the call back” I quickly realized that on-set I better be on my top-game and not be fumbling around feeling to find my pouch, digging for my multi-tool or light meter. The design, concepts and ground breaking innovations in our belts and pouches come from over two decades of on-set experience. After much research and testing we would like to share with you this innovative line of quality products. Our goal is to produce products which will make your job easier so you can focus on being On Top in your field, enjoy!