Starting an e-commerce business
Ever thought about starting an online business? With e-commerce growing faster than bamboo on Maui it's almost become a no-brainier to jump on the bandwagon. However as with most things in life what may seem at first to be easy in fact turns out to be be fairly complex, hence solidifying the law of nature where "organized systems will eventually become disorganized". The key is taming the disorganization into a manageable format while forging forward one step at a time. Which brings me to one of the purposes of this blog, I'll cover our story of how we started an on-line business, e-commerce 101 or for those who like the "survey course" an abridged version. So stay tuned and keep an open mind as the path often winds around unexpected curves. If you follow our story you'll eventually understand why I began this story with a photo of a boat. The picture is reflective of our 8+ months of work finally showing fruition, our product is aboard that cargo ship steaming toward the US west coast from China, so hook in hold on end enjoy!



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